Moritz Ingendahl

PostDoc in Psychology
(Ruhr University Bochum)

I study cognitive processes in attitude acquisition and decision making in social and consumer contexts.

Welcome to my homepage that is an eternal work-in-progress...

Current research:

Ingendahl, M., Vogel, T., & Topolinski, S. (2022). The articulatory in-out effect: Replicable but inexplicable. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 26, 8-10.

Latest wisdom: Appreciate a fair and friendly rejection letter that comes with actual feedback. Write a short response where you thank the editor for their work and the feedback (also from the reviewers). We all have other things to do than reviewing and handling manuscripts from other researchers. Most often, the feedback we receive in the review process is somewhat valuable and helps us further developing the research and/or finding a more suitable journal. The effort by editors and reviewers should be appreciated, even if we do not like the outcome. 
But of course, that insight kicks in only after 48 hours. Before that, reviewers and editors are stupid and incompetent a***** who did not comprehend the absolutely genius idea of that flawless piece of research.

Latest animal fun fact: The western lowland gorilla carries the wonderful latin name gorilla gorilla gorilla.